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7-Links Model (7L Model)

Seven-Links Model

Seven-Links Model is about discovery, invention, and innovation of an organization performance such that, discovery scrutinizes its workforce, business, and synergy themes; invention blends its discoveries, while innovation optimizes its inventions to realize an emotional product (EP). EP is that product or service having best quality and utility both to the innovator and the user as a result of an experience-innovation engaging customers into knowledge and revolution co-creation in a business.

Seven-Links Model galvanizes the seven-links into high-potential applicable in solving organizational performance in order to thrive in business. Seven-Links Model is arranged tactically for high-performance as depicted in figure found from here. It comprises of seven elements viz. workforce discovery, business discovery, synergy discovery, emotional invention, process invention and functional invention. These elements are meant to realize Business Stakeholders Success through Business Diagnosis process, Business Creating procedure, and Business Re-engineering process.

Workforce discovery portrays methods of discovering effective workforce (High-Performing Team/Group) in a firm usually through welfare development activities like training or re-imprinting employee’s characters either from zone-1 into HIPA-Region (see ICZ – individual character zones) or consolidating them into HIPA-Region. Training involves mentoring for anticipated best practices for high-performance organization, re-imprinting characters involves various advanced physical techniques aiming at re-programming one’s mind activities to best levels. Individual attributes responsible for habits are Spiritual Intelligence (Si), Cognitive Intelligence (Ci), Emotional Intelligence (Ei), and Moral Intelligence (Mi) as discussed in Self-Development Link. Re-imprinting is an advanced process of re-writing these Si, and Ci, to their anticipated best scores, it is the most effective as compared to training which is limited to sometimes rote methods which cause trainees reverting to their former state, while re-imprinting targets at an organic permanent change in mental programming. See Workforce discovery in brief from here. See details showing an workforce development using Individual Character Zones (ICZ)  from here.

Why we need to re-imprint? Because, people when growing during infancy into maturity, they imprint anything nourishing them; this creates high risks due to most caring individuals do not imprint efficiently to achieve high score Si and Ci, therefore, they find themselves in zone-one, a zone of self-deceptive habits, this is the reason justifying the importance of re-imprinting. Zones attributes descriptions are given in brief in from here.

Download our e-book for details about training and reprinting methods from here.

Business Discovery
revitalizes leadership, strategy, management, and social-impact of a high-performing business organization. Business theme engraves an organization simulating a person, whereby on the eye of the law, it can buy, sell, own, enter into a contract, and sue other persons and firms, and be sued by them. Moreover it can do well and get a reward, and can commit offences and receive punishment. Through leadership an organization can buy, sell, own, enter into contract, sue and be sued, using strategies can program plans to thrive in business, moreover, it can control works by designing controls and jobs efficiently, furthermore can check for the suitability of the produced entity. See business Discovery brief discussion from here.

Synergy Discovery scrutinizes business methods discovering power-opportunities in organizations securing competitive advantage (CA) in trade. This is a cognizing activity making sense of one’s business environment; it varies diversely from one individual to another rendering an opportunity to the elites to thrive while others liquidating (sometimes being tied into a vicious-circle) else surviving. Synergy cognizing is part of mind activities which varies diversely and influenced by the re-printing methods discussed above dealt in full from here. This concludes the discovery triangle giving room for a second invention trinity viz. Emotional Invention (EInv), Process Invention (PI), and Functional Invention (FI).

Emotional Invention (EInv) crafts methods optimizing enterprising business by monitoring and inhibiting negative emotions while inspiring the positive ones in relation to markets exposed to Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist (the general set of outlooks, which are typical of a particular period in history) is the number one business driver, it is highly dynamic because with the current technological synergistic moves it is changing extremely fast; for businesses which  manage to traces it precisely, thrives in business. This is an amalgamation of workforce and business discoveries that produces an emotional invention (EInv) capable of defining best an anticipated product utility and its quality. See Emotional Invention (EInv) brief discussion from here.

Process Invention (PI) is involved in scrutinizing optimized processes to implement into an organization's business. Tracing zeitgeist is expensive undertaking involving intricate attributes which cannot be achieved by the same procedures throughout the business life; PI is concerned about mitigating production costs and increasing precision on attaining the mobile zeitgeist. PI integrates business discoveries with synergy discoveries to achieve synergized business processes. Read a brief PI discussion from here.

Functional Invention (FI) appraises designing efficacious synergistic methods empowering people and organizations in accomplishing zeitgeist. Remember discovering synergy alone is not enough to thrive, in the same way like pieces of iron-bars, rubbers, plastics, and similar materials alone cannot create a car straight forward, serious inputs are required to extend the pieces into diverse, logical, and functional models assembling into a car. FI integrates synergistic and workforce discoveries to get best functional models in order to thrive in business. Read a brief FI discussion from here.

Emotional Product (EP)
is the business product meeting the anticipated quality and utility of zeitgeist, arising from directed methods, engaging customers into knowledge and innovation co-creation in business. EP is a twofold achievement, one  in marketing and two in efficacy, because, EInv has to be achieved by both the innovator and the user, such that, the user will spread the best utility achieved to other customers, and the innovator will refine EP with high precision from imminent and comprehensible zeitgeist, by concentrating to PI, and FI. EP results from best EInv, PI, and FI, with the EInv being collaborated achieved by users and innovators.   Read a brief EP discussion from here, download an e-book for a complete treatment of the above and more from here.

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