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7-Links to Success

Seven-Links to Success

Seven-Links to Success is a commanding organizational development tool engaging seven indispensable links to flourish in business, namely Self-Development, Leadership, Strategy, Synergy, Management, Social Impact (SIA), and Research & Development (R&D). On synergizing all seven links, an across impressive devise Seven-Links Creating and Diagnosing Tool (as Seven-Links Model discussed from here) invented to inspire Organizations success. Seven-Links to Success manifests as a progressive continuum depicted in figure-1 below

Figure-1: Seven Links to Success Continuum

By definition Self-Development is the cumulative development of one's competences, characters, attributes and virtues from infancy to secure prudence  or imprudence in adulthood.

Therefore, self-development is the significant source of all successes or failures, riches or poverty, wisdom or folly, autocracy or democracy etc. in life. It is the fundamental human character association to manoeuvre for the best or worst world that give rise to human suffering or happiness in varying degrees. What are the attributes governing the deviations from prudence to imprudence? There are four attributes that directly influence human behaviour namely Spiritual Intelligence (Si), Cognitive intelligence (Ci), Emotional Intelligence (Ei), and Moral Intelligence (Mi). Si, Ci, Ei, and Mi are detailed in our e-book downloaded from here; while Self-Development Link is briefly discussed from here, advanced techniques to improve Self-Development are accessed as
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Leadership Link is the next in the link continuum shown in figure-1 among the seven mentioned above which scrutinizes method to achieve business orientation and its essence.  The true business orientation is achieved by our new Leadership tool invented as EDT (Enterprise-Decision Thinking), while, business essence is achieved by devising several deciding tools, fully discussed in our e-book downloaded from here. However, a brief leadership discussion is achieved from here.

Strategy is the third link discussing methods to successfully implement the business through business-models, strategic thinking, and strategic planning fully discussed in our e-book downloaded from here. Brief discussion is done from here.

Synergy is the fourth link dealing with an identification of empowering opportunities in business organizations; it is a very important detailing cognizing processes such opportunities. It is also discussed in our e-book from here, but a further discussion is done from here.

Management is the fifth link seeking methods of the anticipated product/service implementation, into job-design, job-analysis, designing controls to achieve control, and the process of acquiring the tools and material – as supply-chain. Management is an expected end product realization, therefore it is very important and it is fully covered in our e-book from here. See brief discussion from here.

Social Impact is a process checking its suitability to an intended role, if it fits, a room for improvement lies ahead, and otherwise rectifications is proposed.  The process is discussed in full in an e-book available from here; with the brief discussion given here. Lastly but not least is the universal controlling devise among the rest six links called  Research and Development (R&D). This is discussed from our e-book and briefly discussed from here.


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