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eBooks Business 7-Links Downloads

eBooks Business7-Links Downloads

Seven-Links Downloads is copyrighted electronic goods by PI Enterprises to empower Leaderships for High-Performing Business listed below for swift downloads. Download products straight or else go to details (Read More) on discretion.
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eBooks Business 7-Links Downloads




PRODUCT ID: 7L2S-E01-14-1;

NAME:Seven Links to Success a Treasure for High-Performing Business eBook.       

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Seven Links to Success e-book reveals vividly seven Links in business which have to perform harmoniously in order to thrive, they are SELF-DEVELOPMENT, LEADERSHIP, STRATEGY, SYNERGY, MANAGEMENT, SOCIAL IMPACT, and R&D Links. The project introduced a breakthrough called Individual Character Zones (ICZ) illustrating personal habits. Through ICZ, Leaders and Managers can select & manage HR, plan training etc. effectively; generally, it is an excellent introduction which outlines individual’s powers and similar business domains vividly basing on their influencing attributes. An EDT (Enterprising Decision Thinking) is another new introduction; it empowers Leaders to make business decisions basing on their big-picture view. Furthermore, a Creating and Diagnosing Organization tool arising from the seven links invented, it is a treasure for any Leader or Manager aspiring a prudent company. Basing on the current world business adversity, this e-book inspires a resilient competing power.

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