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Business Discovery

Business Discovery

Business Discovery revitalizes leadership, strategy, management, and social-impact of a high-performing business organization. Business theme engraves a firm simulating individual-humans, whereby on the eye of the law, it can buy, sell, own, enter into a contract, and sue other persons and firms, and be sued by them. Moreover it can do well and get a reward, and can commit offences and receive punishment. Through leadership an organization can buy, sell, own, enter into contract, sue and be sued; using strategies can program plans to thrive in business; moreover, it can control works by designing controls, supplies, and jobs efficiently, furthermore can check for suitability of the produced entity.

Leadership link enforces Enterprise Decision-Thinking (EDT) in a big-picture business positioning activity whereby at any time a firm operates in either vicious-cycle or virtuous-cycle through discussion in the graphics found from here stage-3. The right categorization of the firm between these cycles streamlines realistic and efficacious strategies, from which failure to observe it right, strategies put forwards becomes stumbling blocks to performance. The skill to position a firm in right cycle gives rise to strategizing using either Strategy Enterprise Decision-Thinking (Strategy EDT) or Synergy Enterprise Decision-Thinking (Synergy EDT), while Strategy-EDT seeks to position a firm into methods (strategies) to break from vicious-cycle into virtuous-cycle. Synergy-EDT seeks to device appropriate synergies to the business in order to thrive or compete successively in a virtuous-cycle. See Enterprise Decision-Thinking (EDT): Strategy or Synergy for elaboration on these processes from our e-book downloaded from here. In the figure, Strategy-EDT is that strategies targeting at breaking the vicious-cycle into virtuous-cycle, while Synergy-EDT is that strategies targeting at competing within a virtuous-cycle giving a firm a competitive-advantage (CA). Failure to identify and act on this leadership choices, leads into a flawed Strategic Management following direct from an Organizational Powers replicating from individual powers (remember leaders has two types of powers viz. individual-powers and positional-powers). The former calls for Spiritual-Intelligence (Si) and Cognition-Intelligence (Ci), such that an organization lower in Si suffers losses due to its blind strategizing, unlike to the firm high in Si. Another important phenomenon, in strategy is the flexibility in the strategic planning depicting two important facts Closed Strategic Model, and Open Strategic Model. As the pace of business progression and the high zeitgeist changing, most strategic plans miss the true zeitgeist at the product (project) commissioning, if it is a closed strategic model. For high-performing organizations, usually invests in such ways to avoid a closed strategic plans, by opting  to enterprise an open strategic model, whereby if zeitgeist shifts before the product commissioning, the plan also follows suite, in order to maintain their competitive advantage. This discussion is dealt in detail from our e-book and electronic slides downloaded from here.


Leaderships are concerned in optimizing Micro, Meso, and Macro-Intelligences in their organizations, they efficiently use Individual Character Zones (ICZ) as a designing, planning, and controlling devise in optimizing Virtuous-Cycle, and interrupting Vicious-Cycle as shown from EDT-figure. Creative-Thinking in business is achieved in training or re-imprinting individual minds into high Si and Ci, which renders powers to optimize in Theory Of Constraint (TOC) in all business decision making, business negotiation, Lean Management, Group and Team Relationship, and the tactics controlling the Kuhn-Circle varying stages shown in the diagram shown from here stage-3.

Moreover, Creative-Thinking is responsible at managing Paradigm-Shifts, designing synergistic business strategies, and in resolving Ethical Dilemmas – the most challenging business decision-making. The best resolutions in ethical dilemmas are to design trilemmas – meaning crafting synergized strategies of the dilemmas in question, such that challenges are converted into opportunities. Managing Moral Temptations using ICZ is a direct resolution, which among others, it avoid Groupthink, and in general self-deceptions.

During doing business, the workforce might come to strife, arising from scarce resources, demanding works challenges and the similar acts, such that conflict resolutions is inevitable. Using ICZ, conflict resolution is done professionally and efficiently through optimizing job satisfaction, defeating job stress. Abundance Mentality is an enterprising mind resolving challenges we face, such that when invention transpires, demonstrates high diversity, showing a vivid courage to inspire, support, appreciate, and endorse discovery covertly or overtly. Achieving abundance mentality is not a straight forward act, we need to train or re-imprint our minds such that we optimize Decision Making preferably using A3-thinking. Impressive Business-Plans arises from a well-trained or re-imprinted society such that self-deceptions are limited. Optimizing Business Strategy entails optimizing Strategic Thinking, and therefore Strategy Planning, preferably from closed strategies into open strategies, which accommodates the most changing Business Models usually during tracing zeitgeist. Together with business-models during strategizing we use Systematic Thinking and Analytical Thinking in optimizing for Synthetic Thinking as shown in in the graphics shown here stage-2.

Sound Management is about managing business risks well, designing sound controls, functional Job Designing, and in order to manage efficiently we have to optimize Supply Chain. After managing the product to its commissioning stage, leaderships have to investigate its suitability on the anticipated service, if it has no side effects. Through such examination we benefit returns in the business long ranges eyes; this is Social Impact Assessment (SIA). In every SIA operations we are open to succumbing into a room to improve the product. This is a brief discussion of 7-links model, for details download an e-book and its PowerPoint presentation from here.


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