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Discovery Solutions

Discovery Solutions

Discovery Solutions (Disco-Sols) furnishes business discovery solutions that invigorate workforce, business, and synergy themes as the fundamental level of the seven-links model. Discovery solutions being foundation solutions calls for serious inputs in order to achieve the best Emotional Product (EP) that meets both best quality and utility. It is concerned about cognizing fundamental achievement of an Emotional Product (EP), like workforce theme, business theme, and synergy themes. Graphically it is as depicted as in figure-1 having workforce theme with self-development link; business theme with leadership, strategy, management, and social-impact links; while synergy theme with synergy link.

Figure-1: 7-Links Model Discovery Solutions

Workforce Discovery is concerned about promoting the working-force (people) from weaker individual comfort-zones into stronger zones (preferably into HIPA-Region). Business discovery deals with an organizational high-performance setup like Leadership, strategy, management, and social-impact, while Synergy discovery covers cognizing organizational empowering opportunities. These are discussed in detail from our e-book – Seven Links to Success a Treasure for High-Performing Business downloaded from here. The fundamental tools for workforce discovery is ICZ (Individual Character Zones), for business discovery are EDT (Enterprise Decision-Thinking), Individual Characteristics Zones Attributes Table, Strategic Management Model, and Controls and Control Simulating Si and Ci Symbolically; some of these tools are shown from here, but get full treatment of these discussion from here.

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