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Emotional Invention (EIn)

Emotional Invention (EInv)

Emotional Invention (EInv) formulates methods optimizing enterprising business by monitoring and inhibiting negative emotions while inspiring the positive ones in relation to markets exposed to Zeitgeist. Zeitgeist (the general set of outlooks, which is typical of a particular period in history) is the most influential business driver, it is highly dynamic, and with the current technological skyrocketing, it is changing extremely fast; for businesses that trace it precisely, thrives.

Emotional Invention (EInv) is a fusion of workforce discovery and business discovery which presents capabilities of setting the business in a precise direction and essence basing on the leadership orientation. This implies that, if leaders are self-deceptive the firm will be ineffective in direct proportions of the score in the Individual Character Zones (ICZ); similarly if they operate from HIPA-Region, they will be effective in similar proportions.

Emotional Invention (EInv) is about controlling zeitgeist through research and development the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people (customers). By utilizing high Emotional Intelligence (Ei), Spiritual Intelligence (Si), Cognitive Intelligence (Ci), and Moral Intelligence (Mi), and conducting Self-Talk, leaders can inspire Self-Awareness which embraces empathy in their thinking; and through integrity, trustworthiness is achieved triggering subordinate’s diligence, releasing their optimum support to improving the requisites of an Emotional Product (EP). Self-talk is very important both to subordinates and leaders; it is a thinking process defining a professional profile wizard depicted from here stage-1.

Therefore, self-talk calls for self-respect, self-confidence, and self-belief that generate Emotional Invention (EInv) as an artefact image. On every self-talk sensitizing Theory of Constraint (TOC) has to be implemented fully during the thinking activity in achieving the aspired artefact, the option with high precision system is chosen as EInv. This discussion is a brief discussion of the full theory downloaded from here. See figure-1 depicting the schematic location view of EInv demonstrating that it integrates Workforce Discovery with Business Discoveries.

Figure-1: Emotional Invention (EInv)

Self-Talk is a strong thinking procedure calling for optimum creativity by integrating the past, present and the anticipated future as artefact possibilities; using the P-Square Wizard depicted from here stage-1 which creates artefact with best outcomes. However, it has to come after an Enterprise Decision-Thinking (EDT) process as discussed from Leadership Discovery, moreover a commanding organization power controls success of these processes. In order to reach a Virtuous-Cycle, leaders must act in accordance to Leadership Discovery followed by the sister discoveries preferably as scribed in an e-book as its presentation downloaded from here.  Emotional Invention (EInv) involves an innovator and the customer at the drawing board stages; however, the innovator alone will be responsible for losses or success resulting from an Emotional Product (EP). From this fact an innovator must implement positive negotiation, and utilize best Group and Team Relationship with users taking part during design stage. On achieving the EP an inventor/innovator might use Lean Management and observe resilience along the Kuhn-Cycle, and meet all requirements in the business discovery. This process is a brief introduction of the full treatment in an e-book downloaded from here.


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