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Emotional Product (EP)

Emotional Product (EP)

Emotional Product (EP) is the business product meeting the anticipated quality and utility of zeitgeist, arising from directed methods engaging customers into knowledge and innovation co-creation in business. EP is a twofold simultaneous achievement, one is marketing and two is efficacy, because, Emotional Invention (EInv) has to be achieved by both the innovator and the user, such that, the user will spread the best utility achieved to other customers, and the innovator will refine EP with high precision from imminent and comprehensible zeitgeist. EP tactfully amalgamates Emotional Invention (EInv), Process Invention (PI), and Functional Invention (FI) to generate an Emotional Product (EP) using our ICZ (Individual Character Zones). This unification automatically integrates the three discoveries (workforce, business, and synergy) with the three inventions (PI, EInv, and FI) in an iteration process which gives rise to a versatile Emotional Product (EP) that meets precisely both quality and utility. This is only the brief introduction of the full discussion downloaded from here.

As zeitgeist is not steady, quality and utility of a certain model wanes, at such point leaders/managers have to rework out the procedure in a reverse direction towards discoveries exposing and upgrading all issues that makes the product up to date/minute in a professional manner.  

EP is the product of an innovator/inventor and customers Co-creation, which gives the rise to a modern Experience Innovation technology. See figure-1 depicting the schematic location view of EP demonstrating that it integrates EInv, PI, and FI in a state of the art.

Figure-1: EP (Emotional Product)

This process is based mainly on our ICZ and the EDT. This is brief discussion of the seven-links model where you can download the full discussion from here.


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