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Functional Invention (FI)

Functional Invention (FI)

Functional Invention (FI) appraises, generates, and designs efficacious synergistic methods empowering people and organizations in accomplishing zeitgeist. Remember discovering synergy alone is not enough to thrive, in the same way like several pieces of iron-bars, rubbers, plastics, and similar materials as they are alone cannot create a car straight forward, serious inputs are required to extend the pieces into diverse models which have to be assembled into a car, designing these models to their topmost functioning state is an FI obligations. FI amalgamates Synergy Discoveries to Workforce Discoveries generating an FI with a synergized workforce who are capable of designing Emotional Products (EP) and functional process modules.  

This is crucial invention because synergies identified in any business setup are not enough to thrive in business; they need to undergo significant tactical development before they become efficacious. Take a very simple and common example viz. a computer connected to internet. With these two synergies (a computer, and an internet) some organization has become rich, some kept using them as they are, and some liquidated. The rich through these synergies utilized FI optimally, such a recent emerging successive organization – Facebook, and many others. However, some keep on using computers  with an internet as the fastest and easy typing machine for their letters, emails, surfing the internet and the similar activities; for those who failed are the firms misused the two synergies like the Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC Ponzi –Scheme network – the leader (Bernard Lawrence "Bernie" Madoff) is currently behind bar for 150 years imprisonment and forfeiture of $17.179 billion. Imagine. This is the power of FI. All of these rise and fall in such organization arise from our Individual Character Zones (ICZ) stage-1 fluctuations, such that re-imprinting and/or training is almost necessary for sustainable success – download our e-book for details and more. See figure-1 depicting the schematic location view of FI demonstrating that it integrates Synergy Discovery with Workforce Discoveries.  

Figure-1: FI (Functional Invention)

The proposed ICZ together with training cum re-imprinting will synergize Human Thinking to prosperity through, optimized Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence (Si), Cognitive Intelligence (Ci), Moral Intelligence (Mi), and Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Self-Talk process also operates in FI which empowers in inventing versatile functioning activities. Download a full treatment e-book from here.

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