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Leadership is about influencing others using an amalgam of individual and positional powers when motivating people to prosperity, choosing, and decision-making on business dilemmas and temptations.

Leadership is a direct application of Self-Development that defines an individual’s habits, behaviour, and therefore orientation among the main three, viz. self-deceit, high-performance (HIPA), and altruism. Leadership connects direct from Self-Development Link where we discussed an ICZ (Individual Character Zones) diagram, categorizing three basic individual characters in six classifications. Self-deception is in category one class one i.e. zone-1, it is the zone having low Si (Spiritual Intelligence), but high Ci (Cognitive Intelligence). It is about Egoism which is “thinking only about you and considering yourself better and more important than other people." Again, for sign convention, E-Triangle implies Egoism Triangle – a triangle zone in ICZ for egoist individuals. Such Habits arise from the Si score being low. On the opposite of Egoist Triangle is Altruism triangle, ‘altruism’ is “willingness to do things, which bring advantages to other people, even if it results in disadvantage for yourself”. Therefore, Altruism triangle defines a zone for individuals in ICZ for altruist individuals, having high Si, but low Ci – remember that Ci is different to IQ, refer to Self-Development Link for details. There are HIPA (high-performance) individuals who reform the world. In Leadership, through the influence of an ICZ which transforms into OCZ (Organization Character Zones) we encounter high-performing organizations and the one towards liquidation or just meeting their debts (surviving). In order to thrive, an organization must operate from HIPA Region in OCZ, preferably from zone-5 or zone-6.  HIPA- Region contains zone-3; zone-4, zone-5, and zone-6, all having Si and Ci score in close figures, see Self-Development for their details from figure-3. Zone-6 is the top-most an organization can achieve in a particular time. High-Performance Business is the new term for Organization Behaviour, the latter deals with studies of habits of employees in an organization, contrary to the HIPA Business encompassing all seven links discussed in this work. ICZ and OCZ define Individual Power as compared to Positional Power acquired from an organization leadership conferring authorities to an individual to act on behalf. Through positional powers we acquire thriving organization and dictatorships, all influenced from Individual powers. Aligning easily into HIPA-Region is by implementing best mind re-imprinting products summarized from All Products page. They are great products in e-books, CDs etc. defining processes that will give the power to keep the four natural virtuous viz. prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.

Therefore, it is worth investing for whatever it takes improving Individual Powers by sound hiring, training and similar accomplishments. Through management spheres, identified with six character zones we encounter some common terms like:
Scarcity Mentality is a non-enterprising mind to challenges we face, meanwhile believing that within their network, no one can invent, going further by disabling, harming, opposing and discouraging covertly or overtly any breakthrough.
Abundance Mentality is an enterprising mind resolving challenges we face, such that when invention transpires, demonstrates high diversity, showing a vivid courage to inspire, support, appreciate, and endorse the discovery covertly or overtly.
Abundance Intelligence is an ability to overtly or covertly inspire, synergize, support, appreciate and endorse an enterprising-mind resolving challenges they face, meanwhile respecting for diversity.
Scarcity Conspiracy is that capacity to manipulate covertly or overtly an enterprising-mind resolving challenge they face; believing that within their network, no one can invent beyond the conspiring-group (an in-group).

In the Seven-Link to Success a Treasure for High-Performance Business e-book, you will get more such definitions and more, downloaded from here.

Individual Powers is the driver along Kuhn-Cycle through our EDT (Enterprise Decision Thinking) tool, a newly introduced device in business.  For any business to thrive, must perform along EDT virtuous cycle, on intent or not, however if not, and possess some competitive advantage, then it is inclined towards vicious-cycle. From this we have definitions:
Kuhn-Cycle is a series of periods in science or business, of stable growth punctuated by re-visionary revolutions.
EDT (Enterprise Decision Thinking) is the prudence performance within Kuhn-Cycle.
Virtuous Cycle is an “advantageous situation that self-propagates; i.e. successful solutions lead to more success and more, etc. (ref.)  
Vicious Cycle is a “disadvantageous situation that is self-propagating, and leads from one thing to another and back again” (ref.).
Paradigm is “a comprehensively accepted scientific endeavour that for a particu-lar time decipher (decode) model problems as well as providing solutions to challenges they face”.

The Kuhn-Cycle is depicted from here -stage-3 as a chronological Human Thinking process.                            

Brief descriptions of periods (refer graphics from here stage-3) (1) Pre-invention time is that period in a society whereby professionals are not yet breakthrough about a particular challenge they face; during that period discoveries type-1 and 2 (see R&D) are being made. (2) Normal-science is where the community practitioners do most of their time to define problems they face and decipher puzzles they encounter. (3) Anomalous stage comes into being when some puzzles are difficult to solve. (4) Model crisis: The occurrence of more anomalous findings incites a crisis of assurance; the paradigm emerges to be inferior that some beneficiaries’ begin to work outside the paradigm. (5) Revolution. This transpires when people working outside the paradigm become significant, that the old paradigm is replaced with the new one.  These are the five periods along Kuhn-cycle, Leaderships has to adjust accordingly working along in order to thrive, and otherwise they liquidate. EDT is the way to negotiate along Kuhn-Cycle either virtuously or viciously, as a rule of thumb all struggling organizations or individuals are trapped in a vicious-cycle unaware of the reasons. Such leadership offers tonnes of deceptive justification of their dismal performance; EDT is the way out, because vicious-cycle is torture, responsible to the dire poverty in the world, war, underperformance, and similar atrocities. Creative thinking is the process of thinking and looking for solutions that involves finding root causes of the challenge one faces. However, it does not go deeper looking for reasons why the challenge popped-up into one’s system; such scrutiny is within spheres of EDT. The full EDT treatment is detailed in our e-book Seven-Links to Success sold from here.

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