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Process Invention (PI)

Process Invention (PI)

Process Invention (PI) is concerned about scrutinizing and devising optimized processes to implement into an organization's business. Tracing zeitgeist is an expensive undertaking involving intricate attributes which cannot be achieved by the same procedures throughout business life; therefore PI is focusses in mitigating production costs and increasing precision on attaining dynamic zeitgeist. PI is an amalgamation of Synergy Discoveries with Business discoveries which generates synergized business processes.

PI invests in synergizing business processes both in Synergistic Enterprise Decision-Thinking (Synergy-EDT), and Strategic Enterprise Decision-Thinking (Strategy-EDT), however, processes differs in either cases because, in Strategy-EDT leaders and managers are apprehensive about aligning the company toward a controlling-paradigm at a particular time, preferably from vicious-cycle into virtuous-cycle or in between the cycles, while  on Synergy-EDT, leaders and managers deals with competition for profit and growth within virtuous-cycle as shown and discussed in our e-book downloaded from here.

PI calls for synergizing Organization Power – specifically individual powers, whereby high scores in ICZ (Individual Character Zones) is desirable, achieved from either training or re-imprinting where the particular leadership targets at synergizing in Micro-Intelligence, Meso-Intelligence, and Macro-Intelligence processes. Micro, Meso, and Macro Intelligences details are discussed in detail in our e-book downloaded from here. PI is necessary in any business sometimes coined as Business Process Management (BPM) by some literatures. During PI leadership synergizes Virtuous-Cycle loops in order to thrive, meanwhile isolating Vicious-Cycle loops, through optimizing in Creative-Thinking, whereas Theory of Constraint (TOC) applies during a big-picture view of any business-model-loop.

PI synergizes Lean Technology Management, Experience Economy Technology, as well as traditional mass production technology. See figure-1 depicting the schematic location view of PI demonstrating that it integrates Synergy Discovery with Business Discoveries.  

Figure-1: PI (Process Invention)

Other attributes in Business and Synergy Discoveries like Group and Team Relationship, Synergistic Kuhn-Circle, Trilemma Ethical Dilemmas remain intact to be synergized during PI. This is the brief PI discussion; get the full treatment from here.

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