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Social Impact Assessment

Social Impact

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) Link is the shortest among the seven, however, it the most important because, it calibrates the potentiality of any product as compared to its intended propose. Guide for Social Impact Assessment posits that, Project Impact includes Social impact, Environmental Impact, Biodiversity Impact and Economic Impact (ref.); However, deeper concern of Social Impact given by Frank Vanclay who posited that conceptualizing social impacts is as changes to one or more of the following:  people’s way of life, their culture, their community, their political systems, their environment, their health and wellbeing, their personal and property rights, and their fears and aspirations.

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is doing systematic analysis of changes - positive or negative, intended or not in people’s lives brought about by a given action or series of actions. SIA is about gauging how precisely a vision convened; for leaders who see it on the negative side only, miss out enormous advantage to thrive. From SIA one can identify vividly the area for improvement acquired directly from users, giving an opportunity to add more chances of gaining and maintaining Competitive Advantage (CA).  SIA increases credibility to customers by finding their area of their trouble using the product. SIA includes a more than Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) which is doing systematic analysis of environmental changes - positive or negative, intended or not in people’s lives brought about by a given action or series of actions.

SIA can be identifies by series of social consequences such People’s way of life, in both positive and negative outlook; when positive – an improvement strategy (Synergy EDT) is done; else if it is negative, mitigation procedures have to be taken immediately, followed by a total solution for the problem.  Their culture – in terms of their shared beliefs, customs, values and language or dialect; check if they have been destroyed or improved, taking all necessary remedies or improvement. Their community, by comparing its cohesion, stability, character, services and facilities; and their political systems in the context of destroyed or improved participation in decisions influencing their life. Moreover, their environment damaged or enriched the quality of their shared resources like the air and water; the corruption or enrichment of the food they eat; reduction or creation of hazard or risk, introduction or reduction of dust and noise. Furthermore, damaged or improved sanitation, lowered or increased safety, and their access to and control over resources.  Health and wellbeing looking on a total physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing, as compared to the Mi (Moral Intelligence), Ci (Cognitive Intelligence), Ei (emotional intelligence) and Si (spiritual intelligence). Personal and property rights, observe and shift in terms of economically, civil-rights and similar.  Shift in fears and aspirations observe if creation or removal of aspired entities, removal or addition of fears.

SIA concerns can be succinctly compared using SIA Character Zones shown graphically in figure-1 (or from a complete set from here) when seen as synergy potential by mapping the initial social impact character (SIA-1) and compared to the final character (SIA-Final).

Figure-1: SIA Character Management

From figure-1, SIA Leadership has to mark on the the SIA Character Zones its performance before the change and after, then a comparison done, taking all the necessary steps. It is that simple, and powerfully conspicuous.

This is the brief SIA discussion; go for a detailed treatment from our star e-book Seven-Links to Success a Treasure for High-Performing Business downloaded from here, and re-imprint our mind using "Personal Power" on the right hand products.


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