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Synergy Discovery

Synergy Discovery

Synergy Discovery scrutinizes business cognitions discovering power-opportunities in organizations securing competitive advantage (CA) in business. This is a cognizing activity making sense of one’s business environment; it varies diversely from one individual to another rendering an opportunity to the elites to thrive while others liquidating (sometimes being tied into a vicious-circle) else surviving. Organizational Leaderships embracing Synergy seriously leaps great rewards by gaining competitive advantage, however, they have to meet the main leadership choice about optimizing Synergy Enterprise Decision-Thinking (Synergy-EDT). By embracing Synergy-EDT a firm must be operating in a virtuous-cycle, if this this condition is not met; such leadership is wasting resources in vain, because that particular strategy will not work, thus it is better to disburse that particular resources in other prerequisites. Realizing this requirement needs High-Performing Region (HIPA-Region) capabilities, which calls for re-printed or well-training the workforce, which demands for tools downloaded from here for training skills, and here for re-imprinting expertise. See graphically from here for synergy training improvement clarifications and re-imprinting.

Discovering Synergy entails cognizing and designing from four categories viz. (1) Organizational Synergistic Variables, (2) Organization Synergistic Dyad Variables, (3) Within Organization Synergistic Variables, and (4) Between Organizations Interactive Variables.

Organizational Synergistic Variables includes individual powers of a particular firm like discovering Information Systems skills, internet know-how, high-performance financial awareness (dealing with technical treatment of asset and liabilities), and the similar synergistic moves. These synergistic moves require technical training programmes usually done as the continuous learning packages. Organization Synergistic Dyad Variables are synergistic variables concerning about awareness of the market needs, such as investing into businesses according to the market needs. For example, raincoats can be sold with easy in rain zones like the Amazon corridor, unlike marketing it in the arid area like in the Sahara corridor. The last category is Between Organizations Interactive Variables dealing with synergies concerning across organizations empowering like optimizing Mergers. Mergers are not mixing firms; it is about integrating organizational cultures characterized with OCZ (Organizational Character Zones), such that any merger between two or more companies lying on extreme of the OCZ like zone-6 merging with zone-1 the business will not last. Moreover, Business environment is an opportunity to empower one’s business such that leadership monitors their business environment to utilize for emerging prospects or pitfalls.  

These four synergy categorise are crucial in business, they have supported organizations to thrive some fail (liquidate); it depends on the design of functionalities of the synergy moves discussed in Functional Inventions. See the detailed treatment of Synergistic moves downloaded from here.


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