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Synergy is any power opportunity to organizations aspiring competitive advantage (CA) in business. This is the secret to CA in business and lifestyle in general, because it instigates leaderships to thrive or liquidate; however, spotting synergies alone has no inspiration to success. To arouse successful leadership through synergy demands functional and process innovations. The world has full synergies, meanwhile some organizations/individuals still struggle from incapacitations regardless from their education, available synergies and more.

Synergy phenomenon is a mind baffling because, synergy alone is not enough to be successful regardless of one’s available opportunities, so many organizations are still suffering from poverty, war etc. in the world while surrounded with plenty types of synergies. Why? Because, recall our definition, it suggests that synergy is a mere opportunity, not a vehicle to success; media to victory through synergy are secondary to it, viz. process-innovation (PI) and functional innovation (FI) discussed in R&D Link. PI and FI are the instruments to thriving business, they are very complex and risky if not well understood; zone-1 and zone-2 leaderships do not qualify fully for achieving PI & FI because, zone-1 leadership are weakened by self-deceptive thoughtful, and the later are too ideal to utilize PI & FI due to their high Si possession which forces them towards idealism mentality. PI and FI together with EInn (Emotional Innovation) are discussed in R&D Link.

PI, FI, and EInn are actually Synergistic Tactics enabling people to utilize synergies, people, and business themes profitably.  They are not straight implemented because they involve imagination a complex phenomenon – which according to Albert Einstein posited “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world” furthermore he scribed “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere –Albert Einstein.  Imagination is an individual ideal while knowledge it ubiquitous in all lifestyles taught formally in schools and colleges, however, imagination has no college, therefore it is not familiar and engaging, which calls for a continuous mind activity, something most people do not like. People like passing time (killing time), entertaining themselves, loafing etc.  For those who dare pursuing imagination it is rewarding to them by achieving a High-Performing Business which dominates competitors for long time. The controlling power arises from OCZ (Organizational Character Zones) and ICZ (Individual Character Zones) depicted graphically from here stage-1.


Organizations will perform high when they synergize with the highest potential synergy variable among the available, by utilizing top most innovation tactics, identified and driven by R&D.
Apart from R&D to be discussed later Leaderships needs to know sources of Synergistic variables categorized into four groups. (1) Organizational (or Individual) Synergistic Variables are synergistic variables regarding an organization’s synergistic characteristics, like the capacity to achieve sound decisions, i.e. creativity to innovate/invent competitive entities. This emerges from the power from figure-1, if an organization operating from zone-6 will dominate business for long times (2) Organization Synergistic Dyad Variables are variables about an organizational power that is dependent to the predefined third party desires. This denotes synergistic power satisfying customer’s requirements. Example, a company manufacturing rain-coats to gain synergy, they are required to market their coats in rainy areas like the Amazon corridor, while they are not supposed to prioritize in The Sahara Region, where the climate is arid most of the time. (3) Within Organization Synergistic Variables - like Information Systems, Business Types, and Business Environment, they are organizational interactive variables concerning system processes, mainly business systems, corporate strategy, and culture (as a strategy – the operating business-model and its plan); and (4) Between Organizations Interactive Variables – like Mergers, interactive variables operating across organizations such as Organizational Empowerment, and business environment. Merger is among organizational empowerment variables, a famous and highly confused and taken to be a universal synergistic method in this category.

These are the brief discussion of four main synergistic variables which give power to organizations or individuals, their details are found in our flagship e-Book Seven-Links to Success a Treasure to High-Performing Business downloaded from here, and there are re-imprinting products from
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