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Workforce Discovery

Workforce Discovery

Workforce Discovery appraises methods of discovering effective workforce (High-Performing Team/Group) in a firm. Effective workforce manifest by glooming from the natural comfort-zone into a High-Performing Region (HIPA-Region); in most cases natural comfort-zone is zone-1 (the Egoist-Triangle in the Individual Character Zones (ICZ) embracing self-deceptive characters, while HIPA-Region is that area comprising zone-3, zone-4, zone-5, and zone-6 in ICZ adopting prudence. For details about ICZ download our e-book full of features from here.

Workforce discovery aims at improving Human Thinking through Emotional Intelligence (Ei), Spiritual Intelligence (Si), Cognitive Intelligence (Ci), Moral Intelligence (Mi), from a direct assistance of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Through Human Thinking the workforce can appreciate motivation which triggers diligence; individual high-performing business thinking is accomplished by a P-Square-wizard shown graphically from here stage-1.
Workforce Discovery depicts a premeditated shift from zone-1 into HIPA-Region (High-Performance Region) or from lower score within HIPA-Region as shown graphically from here stage-1.

Tactical workforce shift from within HIPA-Region we call inbound re-imprinting or training, while the shift from zone-1 into HIPA Region we call outbound imprinting or training as depicted in in this graphics shown from here. Re-imprinting individuals is an advanced self-development and effective methods found from here, while training modules is as detailed in our flagship e-book downloaded from here. For best result, leaderships have to combine re-imprinting methods with training modules where workforce will soar in creativity, cognition, and imagination in general.

Re-imprinting and training workforce promotes individual self-talk which is a self-awareness comprising self-confidence, self-belief, and self-respect, in a self-awareness continuum and one’s integrity which eradicates self-deceptions- the famous business destroyer. The details of these theories and their derivations are found in our flagship e-book and electronic presentations downloaded from here.


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